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The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation Backs Critical Research at Mount Sinai for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Triple negative breast cancer is an aggressive type of breast cancer, causing approximately 20% of breast cancer cases worldwide. Unlike estrogen or progesterone driven cell receptor- type breast cancers, which have been targeted for inhibitor treatment, finding an effective receptor for triple negative breast cancer inhibitors has not yet been found—Over the last year however, a renowned medical team in collaboration with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City and the ongoing support of science philanthropist, Jeffrey Epstein, have finally isolated a possible receptor to block and suffocate triple negative breast cancer cells.

Published in the medical journal Cancer Cell, the Mount Sinai team used various mouse models to see what predominantly fueled the growth of triple negative breast tumor cells. The study showed that tumor cell growth correlated closely to higher levels of cytokines and chemokines, small proteins that help to balance immune responses and cell communication.

The next stage of the research tested a preliminary molecule to block the cytokine pathway. So far the treatment has shown encouraging results on causing triple negative necrosis or cell death. Further research is underway to evaluate the side effects if any.

“Finding an effective receptor for triple negative breast cancer has been an elusive battle,” Jeffrey Epstein stated, whose foundation, the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation, continues to fund cancer and Alzheimer’s research at Mount Sinai. “Blocking the pathways that regulate cytokines and chemokines could be a pivotal success for an effective inhibitor drug. But in order for treatment to be effective, those receptors must distinct enough from healthy cell receptors.”

Triple negative breast cancer currently accounts for approximately 15 to 20% of breast cancer incidences worldwide, effecting mostly younger women of Hispanic and African descent. And interestingly, about 80% of women with the more widespread BRCA1-positive breast cancer are found to have triple negative breast cancer cells as well.

In addition to funding key research at Mount Sinai, Jeffrey Epstein is also the founder of the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics at Harvard University which has published groundbreaking studies on the evolution of cancer and infectious diseases such as HIV.




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